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Master Ray Gayle AKA The Dark Master

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Living martial arts discuss and examines the everyday exercise, philosophy and lifestyle of the martial arts enthusiast.  The host talks about his own training past and present and he also interviews many martial artists to discover how they continue to live their own martial arts journey.  Tune in for top tips on how to get the best out of your martial art. Or perhaps you're thinking of starting a martial art, this podcast offers you an easy way to dip your toe in.



Whatever you’re looking for in life, from physical fitness to mental stimulation, Taekwon-Do offers something for you.


Young or old, male or female, Taekwon-Do can give you discipline, respect, and self-confidence.  And it’s not just for those who are already super-fit athletes!  If you have the strength to move and the desire to learn, then you can benefit from what Taekwon-Do can deliver.

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Black belt success plan is a book that explains how a martial arts mind-set can be used as a template for achieving success. The book outlines how training martial arts allowed the author to gain enough confidence, to achieve success in other areas of his life. He uses some examples from his life as a martial arts teacher and student, to show how the process works. As with martial arts, success is a step by step process of growth. The book demonstrates that when the mind and body work together in a focused way, great things can be achieved. 

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ray gayle

Master Ray Gayle is an 8th degree black belt and has been training in Taekwon-Do for 41 years. He competed very successfully for a number of years at a national and international level achieving British and European titles and the award of International Fighter of the Year. He no longer competes but is devoted to passing on his knowledge of Taekwon- Do to other people.

At the heart of everything that we do is our passion for martial arts and our commitment to our students. A big thank you to all my students for everything you've taught me.

Living Martial Arts is about how to train in our very busy modern world. It's no longer about the 'no pain no gain' philosophy, it's about fun fitness and good health for everyone.

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