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Dr Susanne Klein & Ms Karen Parker talk to the Dark Master about her 'Tough Old Birds'

Dynamic Duo Susanne Klein & Karen Parker talk to the Dark Master about Susanne's new school called the 'Tough Old Birds'

Susanne's full title is; Dr Susanne Klein FInstP and she holds the position of Associate Professor - EPSRC Manufacturing Fellow - Art and Design at a local university, let's just say in her work life she knows her stuff.

In 2020 Susanne started a class consisting mainly of older ladies who wanted to do some fitness and mobility training, the class has now grown into a regular weekly Taekwon-Do class. Susanne is a black belt student under Ms Karen parker and is also an instructor with P.U.M.A. martial arts.

The Tough Old Birds are having great fun and are re-living their younger days as well as discovering parts of their bodies that are getting stronger as the weeks and months pass.

We had a great chat about her inspirational class of 'Tough Old Birds'

I hope to chat with some of the 'Tough OId Birds' very soon in person on my podcast

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