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Master Ralph Minott Talks to the Dark Master featuring Master Ogborne

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

The Dark Master has a two-part Talk to his long time friend and back in the day his teammate about his martial arts journey. What a journey Master Minott has been living and he's still living it to this day. We're also joined by Master Mark Ogborne who also talks about life on the road with Master Minott.

Master Ralph Minott not only travelled the world and fought ITF style TKD alongside the PUMA masters, but he also went to the home of TKD to participate in the 1988 Olympics in Seoul South Korea. Considering he did that at a time when WT and ITF TKD were miles apart in their respective rule structure, that's a huge achievement.

To top it all Master Minott like many of the martial arts people that I have chatted with is a true inspiration and a real role model for martial arts and its benefits.

Master Minott is still teaching today in his home town of Nottingham and he manages his love of TKD with his love of his work and of course the love of his family.

I'm privileged and excited to bring you this two-part chat.

I hope you enjoy it!

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