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So many great benefits from doing a push up workout

1. Increase functional strength via full body activation

2. muscle stretching for health and vitality

3. Enhance your cardiovascular system

4. Increase whole body muscle definition – HGH promotion

5. Protect your shoulders from injury

6. Improve your posture

7. Prevent lower back injuries

8. Save time while cultivating a strong body

9. No cost for a full body workout

10. There is no specialist equipment needed

11. You can do them anywhere

12. It’s easy to add variety

13. Great return on time investment

I love push-ups they're great! There aren't many exercises that you can do anywhere with no equipment that makes such a huge difference to your overall health and fitness.

In this short video I talk about a fantastic piece of equipment that I've just purchased to satisfy my passion for push-ups, have a watch here;

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