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Vince Morris talks to The Dark Master

Now in his seventies, with more than 60 years Martial Arts experience, Vince Morris is a leading authority in the world of karate and his effective no-nonsense approach to his art has earned him worldwide respect. He regularly taught Tactical Officer Protection courses at the Antwerp Police Academy and for a variety of other Law Enforcement agencies which has brought him many commendations and citations for his extraordinary skills along with the acknowledgement that these skills have saved lives!

Always concerned with making the art of karate as effective as he knew it could be, Vince developed Kissaki-Kai Karate, and by utilising his knowledge of pressure points and the “Rules of Combat” has seen it develop into a well-rounded system of personal protection.

Vince Morris has influenced many of today’s leading instructors both directly and indirectly via his teaching and numerous books and videos on applied karate. Kissaki-Kai has branches all over the world, in Europe, China and the USA.

Now based in France, Vince continues to oversee the development of Kissaki-Kai Karate-Do International.​

I hope you enjoy our chat as much as I did.

Kissaki-Kai​ Karate-Do

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