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11 reasons why competition is important for children

1. Competition helps our children to see that it's not always the best or most talented children that are successful.

2. Competition teaches children how to think critically, how to make decisions and how to solve problems.

3. Children who engage in competitive pursuits learn and develop better social skills.

4. Children who take part in competitions develop better self-esteem.

5. They become better team players and develop skills they will need in the workplace.

6. It teaches them to win and lose gracefully, more skills they will need in the real adult world.

7. They learn to overcome stressful situations and realise that stress is part of life.

8. It provides them with essential goal-setting skills.

9. They learn to appreciate the value of working hard.

10. They learn to appreciate the downside of not working hard enough.

11. They can learn the value of coming to terms with others being better than they are.

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