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Duncan Perry talks to The Dark Master

Duncan Perry commenced his martial arts journeys in the 1970s. He’s very modest and a nice guy. Although I don't know him well, I suspect he's an excellent, caring teacher.

Like many of us who started back then, he gained inspiration from watching the David Carradine kung fu series on TV.

He started Lau Gar Kung Fu with Sifu Frank Linch as a youngster in the brutal days of martial arts. His Karate journey began in Castleford, and he's been part of the Mushin Kai legacy built by Alfie Lewis. Mr Perry has participated in several martial arts disciplines but is still excited about what the arts can do for others. We chatted about his love for Disney and psychology. That seems like a strange combination, but it works for him.

He was very warm, and I felt like I’d known him for years.

I hope you enjoy our chat.

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