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Rebecca Hanser talks to The Dark Master

Rebecca Hanser is a director, writer, producer, and actress based in London for screen, stage, and mocap. She is known for the feature films Portal to the Abyss (2024), Parasitus (2021), Blade of the Assassin (2021) and the short films Third Life Crisis (2023), the award-winning Ghosted (2022) and A Tribute to Frida (2021).

At an early age, she already loved films and says she learned English by "simply watching a lot of movies". The acting bug only kicked in at a much later age as she developed a passion for writing. She pursued an impressive academic career before giving in to acting. She studied International Business Management at The Hague University (BSc) and Anthropology and Journalism (MA) at the renowned Leiden University. Surviving college through jobs in modelling and hospitality, she says that studying allowed her to travel the world. As a result, she speaks several languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, German, and French, as well as her native Dutch and English.

She started growing more interested in acting, and after several successful Dutch film projects like Poolshoogte (2014), she moved to London to train at the prestigious Drama Centre London to obtain her third master's degree in screen acting (MA). The classes mixed actor and director students, giving her a taste of work behind the camera. She joined theatre company The People's Company as an in-house cast member during this period. She was featured in one of their biggest productions, Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream (2019), as fairy queen Titania in collaboration with the Southwark Playhouse. She performed on stage and toured the UK with the Extreme Improv Comedy Club, directed by David Pustansky. Around this time, she became passionate about Flamenco dance, leading to the short documentary Andalusia (2018). The latest stage performance was for the show "Pigs" produced by SweinHaus and took place at the Cockpit Theatre in London.

I hope you enjoy our chat.

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