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Part 2 Gary Foster Talks to The Dark Master

Have you noticed that all the best martial artists don’t make a lot of noise, they just get on with it and let others do the shouting while they get on and do the real work.

Mr Gary Foster is in the 'let's get on with it' mould and I got a chance to catch up with him to find out what makes him tick and why he gets out of bed to do what he does.

Gary Foster is the chief instructor at TSA Taekwon-Do, he runs his own full-time dojang in the Kent area and is passionate about his art and the people that he teaches.

Gary Still competes occasionally and he still has the tools to beat some of the younger opponents that he comes into combat with. He’s a real inspiration and a great role model for the values that martial arts can bring to anyone.

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Mr Gary Foster


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