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Tony Stokes talks to the Dark Master

Tony Stokes has been involved in the world of Martial Arts since he was seven years old. Judo seemed like a good place to start as did his Mother who was already a Judo Black Belt. Moving onto Karate, Western Boxing and then TaeKwon-Do with Myself and Master Ogborne.

Tony then moved onwards to open schools in the Bath Area which (at the time) was one of the first in the South West to use a blended Arts Teaching Method. This Method was focused more on the adaption of the teaching method towards the individual than the adaption of the individual to the system or style. With the advent of the UFC, we now see this MMA approach all over the country.

Tony always looked independent outside for inspiration and travelled solo for over 25 years training in different Arts and teaching in many countries along the way. After several trips back to the UK, Tony moved to Thailand, where he trained in again Muay Thai and a bunch of other arts including JKD, Muay Boran, Kali, Trapping Arts and Grappling.

Tony lived in South East Asia for over 12 years and was also involved in Teaching several Movie and Stunt personalities in Thailand, which lead to many interviews and media connections in South East Asia. After 12 years of being away, Tony is back in the UK and talking with me at Living Martial Arts.

Tony is now available for personal and group seminars and can be contacted at: The Martial Arts Workshop on Facebook.

I hope you enjoy our chat

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