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G.M. Wim Bos talks to the Dark Master

I've been lucky enough to be in the company of G.M. Wim Bos on a few occasions. One such time was at the inauguration of PUMA martial arts when Major General Choi Hong Hi instructed a 3-day seminar and was assisted by G.M. Wim Bos. It was a time that I will never forget. The excellence of the General and the geniune warmth of G.M. Bos were evident for all to witness.

G.M. Wim Bos is a world icon of ITF Taekwon-Do, defined as "a sacred monster".

Born in Holland, he began practising martial arts as a boy and immediately excelled, winning national and international titles. He soon began his career as a coach and gave life to an unrepeatable nursery of champions. In 1986 he moved to Italy and began collaborating with the FITAE-ITF Federation, of which he has been the National Technical Director continuously since 1987.

Also in Italy, he has coached an excellent group of champions who, over the years, have given life to a top-level competitive sector by winning the main European and world titles both in forms and combat competitions.

He holds the rank of black belt IX dan, the highest in the Taekwon-Do hierarchy.

For many years he was also a manager of the INTERNATIONAL TAEKWON-DO FEDERATION (ITF), where he held numerous technical and administrative positions.

Currently, he travels the world giving seminars to teach the secrets of his art.

Teaching is undoubtedly one of his main passions, and the experience acquired and the attachment to the art make him a unique Master.

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