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Grandmaster Don Dalton talks to the Dark Master

The Dark Master catches up with his friend, Grandmaster Don Dalton, for another chat.

Under the Presidency of Grandmaster Master Don Dalton, the rise of ITF UNION has been meteoric. In over six years, the organisation has propelled itself into the forefront of the art with astounding growth made during that time. ITF UNION is now in more than 60 countries, with new members constantly joining.

GM Dalton began his training under the watchful eye of Master Patrick McCarthy in Tralee in the South West of Ireland. After Master McCarthy emigrated to teach in London in 1985, GM Dalton began training under the Irish Taekwon-Do Pioneer Grandmaster Norman Creedon in Cork City.

I love chatting with GM Dalton as he is the kind of person GMs should be. He is warm and friendly, and he loves music too.

I hope you enjoy our second chat as much as I did.

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