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Master Alfie Lewis and the Martial Mindset

My second chat with the one and only Master Alfie Lewis. The founder and chief instructor of Mushin Kai freestyle. We talk about developing a martial arts mindset.

I challenge anyone to find another person who is close to the level of passion that Master Alfie Lewis has for martial arts. Not just his love and knowledge of his art but his extensive knowledge of other martial arts too.

Master Alfie Lewis now devotes his time to channelling his infectious personality into his students and their personal development. If you've never had the pleasure of seeing him fight, listen to his rapid-fire speech, and you'll get a flavour of what it was like to face him.

As I said in my last post, I’m sure you can feel the warmth and respect I have for him.

I hope you enjoy the second of my talks with Master Alfie Lewis.

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If you want to see Master Alfie Lewis in action, check out the link below.

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