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Master Alfie Lewis of Liverpool Mushin Kai

Updated: May 8

The uk Martial arts scene has an interesting history and is full of some colourful characters. One of those characters who is probably close to the top of that list is Master Alfie Lewis of Mushin Kai. I was fortunate to see Alfie Lewis at the very top of his martial arts game, and he played that game with passion and determination that was very clear to see. He also displayed a boyhood joy from the whole process. I’m very biased, but I consider the days when Alfie Lewis was fighting the glory days of martial arts.

I hope you can feel the warmth and respect I have for him. Regardless of what he says, he’s a legend and I love his unique insights.

I hope you enjoy the first of hopefully many talks I’d like to have with Master Alfie Lewis.

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Master Alfie Lewis in action

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