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Master Gordon Fearn talks to the Dark Master

Updated: May 8, 2023

I met Master Gordon Fearn many years ago, he’d come down to my area of the country, and we ended up having a short sparring session. He was then a very young man trying to move forward in the competition arena, and I was an older man trying to keep the young pretenders at bay. Immediately when we started sparring, I knew this young man was not a pretender. He was the real deal. He had something about him that was very special. At times like that, you feel happy that you’re at the end of your competitive career and don’t have to try and deal with another class fighter in your weight division.

Master Gordon Fearn has gone on to fulfil his potential and more. I got to talk to him about his Taekwon-Do journey along with his current journey into the CrossFit scene.

I hope you enjoy our chat.

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Here are some links to contact Master Gordon Fearn, 7th Degree Black Belt

Great Britain and England Captain

World, European and British Champion.


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