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Mike Lambert talks to The Dark Master

Mike wished to be a stuntman since he was a kid, growing up with television programs such as The A-Team and martial arts movies. Mike got involved with martial arts at the age of 13. He started practising Tae Kwon Do, Boxing and Kickboxing and went to compete. Talented as he is, he won many tournaments and titles. Some of those are 5 Times British Tae Kwon Do Champion, Canadian, German, and Swiss Champion, 2 Times International T.A.G.B Fighter of the Year, 1991 Top 3 Light Heavyweight Tae Kwon Do Stylists in the World, and Mike is the only Light Heavyweight Fighter to win British titles in both WTF and ITF Tae Kwon Do.

With these skills, Mike went to Hong Kong for a movie career. He also met his wife there. At this time, Mike is back in the UK and has been in several movies from the US, working as an actor, stuntman and trainer. Mike has worked with the greatest Hong Kong and US action stars, such as Chow Yun Fat, Jackie Chan, Donnie Yen, Jet Li, Van Damme and Shannon Lee, and will keep working in the most incredible action movies.

I hope you enjoy our chat as much as I did.

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