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Mr Tom Nicholson Talks to the Dark Master

Mr Tom Nicholson talks to the Dark Master about his TKD journey and how he's helping many others achieve success using his PROACTION martial arts organisation. Before our conversation, our paths had crossed briefly, but we never had the chance to discuss TKD and our passion for helping others. I'm pleased to say that Tom Nicholson surprised me in a lovely way. I was happy to spend some quality time chatting, and I hope I get the chance to catch up with him again.

Mr Tom Nicholson founded PROACTION as a once-a-week hobby! His passion and dedication to Taekwon-Do, Martial Arts and Fitness has grown PROACTION into what it is today, one of the largest and most successful martial arts groups in the UK.

Tom works hard to help others succeed in the martial arts industry at his university. If you're passionate about becoming a successful martial arts teacher, check out his university:

Mr Nicholson was a prolific competitor on the International Taekwon-Do circuit, attaining 1 x Bronze and 1 x Silver at the European Championships, 2 x Team Bronze at the World Championships and countless International Gold Medals. Retiring from competition at the end of 2015, Mr Nicholson became more involved in the running of Taekwon-Do in England. He was honoured to be elected as ITF England President in January 2017.

I love to chat with passionate self-driven people. Tom Nicholson is undoubtedly cut from that cloth.

For more info on his class and his university, see the following links:

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