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Sally Gleaves talks about the 'Martial Mindset'

I'm really pleased to be chatting with Sally Gleaves again. This time on the subject of the martial arts mindset. Sally has excellent expertise in. this area, so I hope you learn as much as I did during our chat.

Sally operates and runs a very successful martial arts school and is active in many other areas. A brief look at her website (see link below) will give you an insight into this very self-driven lady.

Her skills include teaching martial arts to all age groups, male & female. She has a ladies-only kickboxing class. Martial arts and fitness well-being class. Boxercise & kick boxercise class. She also delivers coaching courses for would-be martial arts teachers. She’s involved with fundraising and promoting child safeguarding within the martial arts industry.

I hope you enjoy our chat.

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Check out Sally's martial arts school

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